Hellcats Merge with Bonefish

The Bonefish Agree to Merger, Hellcats Expand to Gold A

Joe McGrath
General Manager

The Hellcats Hockey Club has concluded negotiations for the merging of the Bonefish, securing the club’s entry into the Oakland Ice Center’s Gold A division.

The Bonefish are icon of the Gold A division and multiple championship winner, yet as we know, there is sometimes when a team needs more than just goals and assists to win hockey games. They were looking for a management structure to ensure its long-term success, and having sat out the first two games this season not knowing if they would field a team. Negotiations began and within a week a merger agreement was agreed to on September 22nd, 2015.

Club President Olli Bemidji, welcomed the players, families and fans of the Bonefish to the Club, stating “It is great to bring another family of players into the Club.”

The Bonefish finished the 2015 Summer season in second place with a 10-4-3 record for 23 points. They were eliminated in the second round of the playoffs by the Grey Bears 5 to 4.


About the Hellcats Hockey Club

The Hellcats Hockey Club is the San Francisco Bay Area’s finest amateur hockey club. The Hellcats Hockey Club sponsors five teams in Oakland Ice Center’s (operated by Sharks Ice) Adult Hockey League top divisions. With over 75 members, the Club mission is to support members passion for the game, individual skill development, and enjoyment within the team context. You can learn more at HellcatsHockey.org.

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