Major Platform Changes to Support Club Operations

Joe McGrath
General Manager

Due to recent expansion the Club has determined to shift Player technology from a custom solution to a hosted platform with BenchApp. Club members will receive an invite today. There will be one week of transition where we will allow Players to use either system, then as of October 15th, 2015, the Club will only be using BenchApp going forward.

The Club has been able to expand this year in part to the Club having built a capability to give players more ice time for the league fees they pay. For members it feels a lot better paying the exorbitant amount of money required to play hockey in Northern California when A) you can play only a half-season if that is what you can do, and B) if you pay and play a full-season there are other nights (at other levels) where you can make up a game, test your skills, or get another skate in which makes each player better and therefore each team better.

In recent polls of the Club members we have identified that email is a burden, shifting to BenchApp will provide a stronger tool to maintain the Club’s organization.

As part of the new system we will be looking to reduce our antiquated website in order to put our Excel spreadsheet of every season, every player, every team, every fee (sock, jersey, shirt or hat) into an accessible form that communicates the life of the Club.

The Board of Directors and I believe that the players in this Club will find we are building a superior product for managing their participation in the Club.


About the Hellcats Hockey Club

The Hellcats Hockey Club is the San Francisco Bay Area’s finest amateur hockey club. The Hellcats Hockey Club sponsors five teams in Oakland Ice Center’s (operated by Sharks Ice) Adult Hockey League top divisions. With over 75 members, the Club mission is to support members passion for the game, individual skill development, and enjoyment within the team context. You can learn more at

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