Club History

The Hellcats Hockey Club began playing in the Bronze Division at the Oakland Ice Center in the Winter 1998-1999 season. After two seasons Captain Dave Casso moved the team up to the Silver Division and handed over the captainship to James O’Hanlon in Fall of 2000. The team was promoted into the newly formed Silver A Division. After two seasons, Captain O’Hanlon moved away and turned over the team to Captain Käppi Krönen in the Summer of 2001. In the 2001 – 2002 Winter season, the team moved up to Gold B Division after a team vote (there was only one dissent). Surprisingly there were a number of players who subsequently decided not to move up with the team which left the viability of the Club in question. The League stepped in and introduced the Hellcat Captain Kröner to a number of players from the Bears Hockey team. Due to a front office executive oversight, the Bears, originally formed in 1986, had failed to file their 2001-2002 franchise registration forms and lost their slot in the Gold B Division. The remaining Bears merged with the up and coming Hellcats and the nucleus of the modern club was formed. The original Hellcats players found that first season in the Gold B Division difficult, but it was tempered by the experience of the Bears who had been in playing in Gold B for a number of years.

The combination of the Bears and Hellcats franchises has proven strong and enduring. The merged 2001-2002 club has expanded to include multiple teams playing at the top levels of Oakland Ice Center. The Club split its original team into two teams (Hellcats Tuesday and Hellcats Wednesday) in 2009, expanded into the Gold D in 2013, Over 40 A and Gold A in 2015. The veterans of the 2001-2002 team have been joined by a number of veterans from other San Francisco Bay Area teams that have joined the Hellcats Hockey Club over the years. Together they’re continue to welcome new teammates and transition younger members into club management to keep the Hellcats Hockey Club playing the great game of hockey for decades to come.

Felix AnnouncesClub Mergers, Acquisitions, and Expansion

Over the many years the Hellcats have played against a number of now defunct teams. Several of those teams have now interlaced their history with ours.

Name Division Year Founded Year Acquired Note
The Hellcats Bronze 1998 The Original Club Team.
The Bears Gold B 1986 2001 Brought a Hockey tradition back to 1986 to The Hellcats.
The Puck Hogs Gold A 2008 Brought top-line taken to The Hellcats.
Hellcats Tuesday Silver A 2009 The Club split the original team into Hellcats Tuesday and Hellcats Wednesday.
Hellcats Wednesday Gold B 2009 The Club split the team into Hellcats Tuesday and Hellcats Wednesday.
The Skateful Dead Gold A 2012 Brought top-line talent to Hellcats Wednesday.
Hellcats Thursday Silver A 2013 The Club expanded into Thursday. Did not play Summer of 2014.
The Skateful Dead 2.0 Gold B 2015 Brought top-line talent to Hellcats Wednesday.
The Thirsty Bears Over 40 A 2015 Enabled the Club’s entry into Over 40 A as the Hellcats Sunday.
The Bonefish Gold A 2015 Enabled the Club’s entry into Gold A as the Hellcats Monday.


Hellcat All-Time Greats

Name No. Position First Year Current Team Note
Steve Nelson 21 Right Wing 1986 Retired Club President, Bears founding member
Steve Gianni 66 Defense 1986 Retired Bears legacy member
Al Rosato 1 Goalie 1998 Retired Hellcats founding member


Distinguished Hellcats

Name No. Position First Year Current Team Note
David Casso 17 Defense 1998 Retired Hellcats founding Captain
James O’Hanlon 21 Right Wing 1998 Pick-up/Vermont Hellcats founding member/Past Captain
Joe Burke 10 Center 2000 Vancouver B.C. Hellcat MVP
Bo Juza 14 Center 2000 Unknown/Denver Hellcat MVP