Oakland Ice Center Restructures Adult Leagues — Club Announces 2021 Fall Season Sign-up

Joe McGrath
General Manager

The Hellcats Hockey Club has announced the posting of the Sign-up for the 2021 Fall Season in response to structural changes put in place by the league, which increases per game costs and eliminates guaranteed playoffs in a shorter league format.

The traditional 24-game Winter season/18-game Summer season will be dissolved in favor of a three-season 12-game format (Fall: September to December; Winter/Spring: January to April; Spring/Summer: May to August) with single elimination playoffs for the top-four teams in each division.

Fall Season begins September 1st, 2021, and will ends December 20th, 2021. It will have one pre-season game and 11 regular-season games. Players will qualify for playoffs by participating in 4 regular-season games, and rosters will lock after the 6th game.

The Over 40 league may be divided into Over 35 and Over 50 leagues with the same format on Sunday mornings.

With this new structure, we have seen the cost per game for the club increase from $518 per game to $548 per game, which we will apply across a 14-spot roster. Player fees are subject to change but are currently assumed to be $470 for a full-season and $295 for a half-season.

All members and prospective members are encouraged to sign-up for the Fall Season as soon as possible with the awareness that Health officials may require on-ice mask-wearing at any time. A general meeting for Sunday, August 15th, 2021 at 5 PM PT to all members to discuss the changes to the league format a lionk will be sent to all members who complete the membership form.

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