This Thanksgiving Hellcats are accepting nominations for Hellcat of the Year

Giving Thanks: Nominate Your 2019 Hellcat of the Year

Walt Comisky

Walt Comisky
Club Social Director

We are pleased to announce that we are excepting nominations for a new award, The Hellcat of the Year. In recognition of 20 years of service making sure that there enough players, that the rink gets its money, that there is a goalie for each game, the Club’s Board of Directors have accepted Alex Bernstein’s motion for the creation of the Cappy Cup to honor the individual who exemplifies what it takes to make beer league special.

— Dedication — Valor — Beer Duty —

Nominations are being accepted today and will close on January 24th, 2020. The Board will then vote on the recipient who will be honored in a small ceremony.

All fans, press, and members of the Club are eligible to make a nomination for this award.

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