Month: August 2022

Club Announces 2022 Fall Season Sign-up

Joe McGrath
General Manager

The Hellcats Hockey Club has announced the posting of the Sign-up for the 2022 Fall Season. The 2022 Winter Season begins on September 6th.

The Hellcats were involved in Division 1 (Gold A), Division 3 (Gold C) and Over 40 A. We have affiliate relationships with the Cross Czechs in Division 2 (Gold B) and Men of Moderation in Over 40 B.
Game days with primary and alternate days are:
Division 1 (Gold A) –Tuesday / Thursday
Division 2 (Gold B) – Wednesday / Monday
Division 3 (Gold C) – Thursday / Monday
Over 40 A & B – Sunday mornings.
This season will comprise a 12-game format (12 regular-season games) with single elimination playoffs for the top-four teams in each division or top six teams if eight or more teams. Rosters will lock after the 7th game.

Player fees are subject to change but are currently assumed to be $480 for a full-season and $300 for a half-season; this may be adjusted due to the number of players signing up and whether they are full-time or half-time.

A 2022-2023 USA Hockey registration will be required. Register and add your registration number to your BenchApp profile in the registration field. You will also need to complete the Sharks Ice liability waiver:

All players must abide by any County Health guidelines.

All members and prospective members are encouraged to sign-up for the Fall Season as soon as possible.

Thank you,

~Cappy and the AssCaps